BJJ Belt - Orange


The Phoenix Fight Gear BJJ Pro Belt is designed for men, women and youths of all ranks.Β Backed by a lifetime of professional experience in the martial arts industry, Phoenix Fight Gear began with a simple mission, to manufacture high quality fight gear equipment and apparel and to fully commit our hearts and souls to martial arts and fight sport athletes of all levels.

πŸ’’Β 100% COTTON:Β Using the highest quality materials, 100% washable cotton for long-lasting strength.

πŸ’’Β COMPETITION APPROVED:Β Double-stitched, IBJJF competition approved, superior thickness durability.

πŸ’’Β QUALITY TESTED:Β Upheld to our Rise Above Quality Standards, designed by Martial Artists.

πŸ’’Β AVAILABLE IN 17 COLORS:Β Including standard Jiu-jitsu belt colors and mid-rank stripes.

πŸ’’Β RANKING SLEEVE BAR:Β Includes sleeve for ranking stripes, Add stripes in the built-in stripe bar.

πŸ’’Β YOUTH & ADULT SIZES:Β See size chart for height and weight recommendations.

Size Chart:

  • M00: 3’6”-3’9” |Β  Β Β 5-6 years
  • M0:Β  Β 4’2”-4’4” |Β  Β Β 7-8 years
  • M1:Β  Β 4’4”-4’6”  |Β  Β Β 8-9 years
  • M2:Β  4’6”-4’9”  |Β  Β Β 10-11 years
  • M3:Β  4’9”-4’11” |Β  Β Β 11-12 years
  • A0:Β  5’0”-5’2” 135 lbs.
  • A1: Β  5’3”-5’5” 150 lbs.
  • A2: Β  5’6”-5’8” 170 lbs.
  • A3: Β  5’9”-6’0” 190 lbs.
  • A4: Β  6’1”-6’4” 220 lbs.
  • A5: Β  6’5”-6’8” 240 lbs.

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