Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Belt Ranking System & BJJ Gi, Jiu-Jitsu Gi Recommendations

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) has a belt ranking system that signifies a practitioner's level of skill and experience.

The belt levels in BJJ are as follows:

  1. White Belt: The starting point for all practitioners, the white belt signifies a beginner level. White belts are focused on learning the fundamental techniques and basic principles of BJJ.
  2. Blue Belt: After gaining a solid foundation, practitioners may be awarded a blue belt. Blue belts have a better understanding of BJJ techniques, positions, and strategies. They can start applying their knowledge during sparring sessions.
  3. Purple Belt: The purple belt is a significant milestone in BJJ, indicating a higher level of proficiency. Purple belts have a deeper understanding of the techniques, transitions, and submissions. They can effectively defend themselves against less experienced practitioners.
  4. Brown Belt: The brown belt represents a highly advanced level of skill in BJJ. Brown belts have a broad range of techniques at their disposal and possess a deeper understanding of the principles behind them. They are capable of executing complex submissions and transitions.
  5. Black Belt: The black belt is the highest attainable rank in BJJ and is a symbol of mastery. Black belts have a profound understanding of BJJ and can apply their techniques seamlessly. It usually takes many years of dedicated training to achieve the black belt level, and practitioners at this rank often become instructors and mentors to others.
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Apart from the belt levels, practitioners of BJJ typically wear a GI, a traditional uniform consisting of a GI jacket and GI pants. The GI serves multiple purposes in BJJ:

  • Gripping and Control: The gi provides a fabric for practitioners to grip and control their opponents. Grips on the collar, sleeves, and pants can be used to set up various techniques and submissions.
  • Defense and Mobility: The gi can be used defensively to impede an opponent's attacks or to create space for escapes. Additionally, the gi allows for greater mobility and facilitates certain techniques that utilize the fabric.
  • Tradition and Respect: Wearing the proper gi demonstrates respect for the art and its traditions. It also helps maintain a sense of uniformity and discipline within the BJJ community.
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When choosing a GI, it is essential to consider factors such as size, fit, durability, and the specific rules of your training academy or competition. Gis come in different weights and weaves, ranging from lightweight for increased agility to heavier ones for increased durability. It's crucial to select a GI that fits well and allows for freedom of movement while adhering to any specific requirements set by your instructor or organization.

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